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10 Super Bowl Plays That Won't Intercept Your Health!

Just because it’s the Super Bowl , don’t put your health on the sidelines! Traditional must haves are chips, dip, drinks, and finger foods. There are many ways to stay healthy by adding a few new plays.

Keep the health of your body and your wallet by serving these-

1. Change the color of your chip! If you like to coordinate your food with the theme nothing beats blue corn as it will tie in with the dark color in the uniforms. Form must need function and blue corn has yet to be genetically modified so you will be cutting down on the pesticides you and your fans consume. Terra blues potato chips is good too, the blue color of the chip has higher anti-oxidant power than it’s white counter part.

2. Deeply satisfying dips that will fake out the diehard fans- Cheezy Chipotle, Shiitake, Roasted Red, Cannellini, and of course the staple guacamole. These are low in saturated fat and packed with flavor... careful as the Cheezy Chipotle is addicting. Bonus points for sneaking in veggies.

3. Form is everything- If you usually make wings you might want to look at cutting up breasts instead. The price of wings has sky rocketed lately because, well…. there’s only 2 per bird. If preparing other meats like burgers or chili try swapping out regular ground beef for grass fed beef, venison, ostrich, or bison to increase Omega-3’s and decrease fat and overall calories. Try this Football recipe.

4. Don’t sack out in the middle of the game! Keep your blood sugar level by consuming high fiber foods like a hearty and spicy chili, stew or wat.

5. Put a sour taste in their mouth when it comes to breads for dipping or sandwiches- true sour dough bread will not only aid in the post festivities bloating and other digestive issues but will also help keep your blood sugar in check. Studies show that some people with gluten intolerances can consume fermented sour dough because there are less than 20ppm which is the defining line of gluten free foods. Other overall digestive runner ups include pumpernickel and seeded rye.

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