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Clover and Dandelion Salad


Prep time:                   10 minutes

Cooking time:         0 minutes

Yields:                              2 people



1 cup clover
4 dandelion flowers
1 tbsp sunflower seeds
3 tbsp violets
drizzle with olive oil



Pluck the clover off the more fiberous stems and place in a bowl. Here's the fun part- rip the petals from the dandelions (just as you did as a child) and toss in the bowl. Add the remaining ingredients toss and serve.


Caution: When foraging food always be sure you positively identify each plant species. Be certain that you don't eat foraged food that had been sprayed with any pesticides or herbacides. If you need assistance many state parks will have someone who can help you.

Credit:            Season to Taste Meetup

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