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I spent countless hours researching the best products for myself and those that I care about which includes those that are reading this. I looked at most renowned supplement companies, most of which their products hover around the $125 mark for a multi-vitamin alone; forget about a good Omega 3! I feel that is unsustainable for most people including myself. Unfortunately in my research I found one popular brand that has over 27 excipients including toxic fillers, elastic polymers and a paint additive! OMG, I don't want anyone I know consuming that junk! my search continued until I came across Metagenics, not only do they have the finest quality ingredients at reasonable price but there products are constantly being tested by a third party for quality and they train professionals on their products.  Finally a company that has full disclosure: no toxic substances, fillers or GMO and is doing their best include many organic ingredients that I feel good about(happy dance).  Metagenics strives to be available through licensed professionals like myself only however we all know you can find anything over the web.


So I sought out a way to provide my customer base (and loved ones) with one source that has the most comprehensive list of health companies and that I can pass on savings you don't see elsewhere. Emerson is that company, they stand out in that they carry over 250 brands and thousands of products.  


Categories are:

  Ayurveda                      Homeopathy                           Medical Supplies                   Essential Oils                 Personal Skin Care           

  Herbs                             Supplements                    Vitamins and Minerals         Veterinary Products


Brands include:

Metagenics                       Manuka                              Klaire Labs                          Garden of Life              Barleans                           

New Chapter                   Carlson Labs                    Nordic Naturals                         Amrita


They ship same day so you will receive your order in just a few days. 

Just click on the link below to start shopping.

Don't forget to use the "patient access code" BHN110 with the zipcode 08886 to get your savings.


Happy Shopping and have a Bountiful Day!

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