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- Website Design -

Site building came about from the love of all things food and health. When researching for my website I found that most templates never let me do what I wanted for my business. I have always been artistic and detailed oriented so I created my own website, then friends, and the rest is history. Most companies I network with have no access to change their own sites... crazy!  I don't believe it should be this way. I established a way to help others by creating reasonably priced websites that they can access instead of calling and waiting for someone to respond. I believe that the business owner should be able to add new product, sales, pictures, etc... on their schedule not someone else's. As a small business owner myself I know that every penny counts and spending thousands up front and/or $100 a month is impossible when there is so much else to do. If these scenarios are what you have been going through then you've come to the right place, contact us at any time. Basic pricing can be found here.


Here are a few examples of the websites that I have built:


These were both built using the Wix platform, to find out more or start creating your own website click here. 

Wix has an amazing assortment of layouts and they are very customizable. Here are a few more examples for a bakery, food photograpy, restaurant and fashion video to show the plethora of options. Before I chose a platform I analized the top 50 companies and Wix won hands down. Whether you are looking for e-commerce, favicon, blog, cart, etc.,  you can add to your site to accomplish just about anything you need in your business by using Wix.

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