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Succulent Success Stories



Energy to sail through the week         

Before working with Wendy I needed assistance prioritizing my health by eating better. Wendy helped me create a plan specifically tailored to my life. She introduced me to new foods that eliminated meal boredom and improve my health. These changes reduced stress to my body and allowed the healing process to begin.  Through various techniques she changed what and when I eat which has given me increased energy, higher spirits for social contact, my quality of sleep has improved, I eliminated my sugar addiction, and decreased meal preparation time.

When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel elated that I made the choice to take control over my health.

I highly recommend this program if you struggle with knowing how to introduce and prepare foods that will benefit not only your health but your quality of life.

        Zaida Sbano, Asbury




Hi Wendy!  I wanted to let you know that I have lost 10 pounds.  I have a bunch more to go, but I am enjoying every minute.  I have done so many things - all because of things I learned from you. It just took a while to really, really sink in.

I have essentially become a vegetarian - only 3 weeks but still.  I love it and see no reason I will be stopping.  I was vegetarian for 7 years, so I don't mind this at all.  I have stopped all meats.  It is amazing how many people think meat is the only way to get protein in your life.  I love so many more vegetables now. You opened my mind.  So I am very happy with everything I eat.  I have started eating tons of exercise too.  I started going to the gym at lunch time instead - so I can't make excuses.  My boss is very aware of my intentions.  My coworkers know to kick me out of my desk if I am still there at 11:45.  No one has had to do so though.  So there are great 'side effects' to my new life - I am happier, I don't yell at the kids (as easily), my dark eyes have almost disappeared (unless I truly don't sleep), and I have TONS of energy.  I have picked up running again.  When I started 4 weeks ago, I could barely jog more than 10 minutes straight.  Now, I can jog 40 minutes and probably longer - just haven't tried yet.  I am doing it little by little.  I have also lowered my BMI by 1 full point so far.  So - 20-25 more pounds...

What was my driver?  I had a medical assessment at work and my cholesterol was higher than I have ever seen for me.  It was actually high by all standards - 202.  I will have my blood work done again in birthday present to myself!

         Megan Vernak





I just had to say THANK YOU!  The information you are giving me is fantastic. You changed my life in a matter of weeks,

and I am in awe of all that you know. I feel like I finally have the tools and guidance that I need to make positive changes in my diet

and in my life as a whole.”

                           Andrew Dighton





As a result of a bad reaction to statins I resolved to address my high cholesterol issue with non-prescription

medication and diet.  For a number of years I played around with natural supplements until the number of pills

and the cost became too high to maintain.  That’s when I met Wendy Yurgosky, my nutraMetrix contact.  She

sat for more than an hour and went over my medical history as well as that of my husband’s.  She came up with

a plan that addressed all of our health projects at considerably lower cost.  For the past three months we have

used the nutraMetrix products.  Two weeks ago I went for my annual check-up and blood work.  The report came

back yesterday with the doctor’s comment – “everything normal, congratulations”.   Thank you nutraMetrix

and thank you Wendy.

                                                                                Pat Kane, Stewartsville, NJ

       We decided to work with Wendy on the recommendation of our chiropractor.  We had made some positive                  lifestyle changes but needed nutritional guidance.  Wendy assessed our lifestyle, eating habits, and health
       concerns and then tailored our sessions accordingly.  We began choosing foods more wisely, using spices and
       veggies that we never thought of using before, and cooking more at home (which I hated, but now love to do!).             We saw the changes that we wanted to see – weight loss, more energy, better sleep quality, less headaches –
       overall improved quality of life!  Wendy gave us invaluable information and tools and provided us with
       resources that we will continue to use.  There’s no turning back now –we’ve even passed along some of Wendy              taught us to family and friends!  Thank you, Wendy!
               The Wendels

"I loved working with Wendy! I learned so much from her and look at food and nutrition so much differently than before! She listened to my goals and truly customized my program to make it personalized to fit my own needs. She helped me find the joy in balance in life for better overall health. She taught me how important it is to eat completely natural and the proof is in how amazing I am feeling these days! I learned to cook with love and it has made such a huge difference in my life. The skills she has taught me will help me life long. Through working together, I've incorporated healing foods in my diet, learned about what foods will give me the most energy, worked with spices that help me stay illness free, learned how to creatively make the healthiest and most nutritious snacks and meals I've ever had, as well as find balance for happiness in life. Besides our great sessions virtually, I really enjoyed the in-person time where I got to learn hands on. Wendy is so thorough with teaching you why you should eat certain foods. I am ever grateful for all of her help and for her as a person. Thank you Wendy! You have changed the way I feel about food and health forever!"


Christine, Lehigh Valley PA

Prior to March 1, 2020 I ate everything, suffered from  anemia, Congestive Heart Failure & severe leg edema. I had chest constriction, shortness of breath & very limited mobility. I was on several medications many of which I still take, but some have been eliminated. A close family friend was very much into whole food plant-based eating as prescribed by Dr. Fuhrman. She convinced me to try it. And since I was in such poor health, weighed 252 pounds and desperate, I was compliant.
After an extensive examination I was given a tailored diet. Through my family friends initiative,  I was put in contact with Wendy Yurgosky who turned the tailored diet into prepared meals, delivered to my door. The meals were flavorful and varied [ such as Italian, Korean, Thai& African], and healthfully proportioned. They also were entirely Whole Food Plant-Based.
In two months I have lost 42 pounds, eliminated all of my CHF symptoms[all are gone], have regained  energy. I now can go for 1 hour walks instead of stopping every few feet. I and my wife are forever grateful to Margie and to Wendy for my new lease on life.
                                  With Gratitude & Love,     Sid Horowitz


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