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Season to Taste                        $20


Monthly class that teaches different techniques in foraging, cooking, and storage.   Learn  fun new ideas surrounding your food, increase your nutrition with less preservatives. Get tickets here.          



Culinary Canning Bash          $65


Canning holds my heart because it encompasses great produce from local clean sustainable sources and a touch of plants straight from Mother Nature's bounty.  This venture is a colboration of amazing local businesses bringing the highest nutrition to support the communities health and the health of the planet. Come join us in Preserving the harvest and the planet. Our fabulous sponsors are:

Learn to Preserve local, seasonal produce using sustainable methods so you can enjoy them all year. Classes are limited, call or email to learn about all the different techinques and classes.








If monthly classes don't fit into your schedule consider hosting a Canning Party for a fun and nutritious activity. 



Are the Foods you Love Medicine or Poison?       $150


Are the foods you love destroying your health? I will help you to sort out what works and what doesn't for your body to get to the heart of the issue and on your path to wellness in this one day intensive that will jumpstart you to healthier living.



                 Wellness Profile                   Pantry Cleanout

                  Nutrient Dense Healing Food Recommendations



 Partner Up for Health                                                  $395  per person


Build a strong foundation of health with the assistance of a companion through the three month program. Partner up with a friend or loved one for additional support as you enter into a new world of indulgent food that will nourish your body. Utilizing the building blocks of health within food we will leverage the power within food to your advantage. 


                         Wellness Profile                 6   50 Minute Sessions

                        Nutrient Dense Healing Food Recommendations

                         Macro and Micro nutrients needs for different body types

                       Food to Reduce Stress



Healthy Transformation                                              $600


Indulge and empower yourself or loved one by taking this oppotunity to gift them a transform of health with six months of individualized health counseling. Together we will create a foundation through food, look at all possible imbalances within the body to give your body the ultimate tools for sustainable health. Does food preperation take to long or are your meals limited leaving you feeling uninspired? This program will elimainte meal boredom with savory dishes, show you several ways to make eating healthy easy, and give you options to eat healthy on the go.


                             Wellness Profile                12  50 Minute Sessions 

                            Nutrient Dense Healing Food Recommendations

                            Macro and Micro Nutrient needs for your body

                          Foods to Reduce Stress, Increase Sleep and Energy

                            In Home Cooking Demonstrations   


To make significant positive changes your health that lasts please contact me by filling out your form here

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