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2016 Canning Parties in your home  














Learn from New Jersey's first and only Certified Master Food Preserver .


Preserve the Summers Harvest without Chemical Preservatives, Agricultural Sprays, Gluten or GMO's!  


I have been preserving food for (gulp) over 30 years now. You may ask why, the simple answer is most products on the market don't have any flavor. I harvest only when Mother Nature tells me that items are ready this yields the most flavorful produce vs. corporations which harvest based on the bottom line, force the ripening of produce or add extra sugar or salt to give flavor. I preserve without refined sugar, conventional pectin, or added preservatives. All sourced produce is local, and sustainably grown Certified Naturally Grown with a touch of wild vegetation. 


"When you put the highest quality ingredients in the results are amazingly delicious nutritious products!"  


Want to learn how to:

                              Stock your pantry for the winter? 

                              Teach your children how to live more sustainably while giving them nutrient dense food?

                             Make delicious wedding or baby shower favors that will have your guest clamoring for more? 

Host a canning party at your house and let the fun begin! 


I combine the freshest produce possible and a touch of the wilderness to create such items as Suckleberry Jam, Violet Jelly, Garlic Dill Pickles, Bite My Sweet Ass Salsa, Russian Sauerkraut and much, much more. 


Each party we will discuss:

  • Different methods to use for canning
  1. Low acid vs high acid processing
  2. Fermentation vs quick pickle
  • What is needed to make preserved food safe
  • How to maximize the nutrition in your preserved food


Parties are 2 1/2 hours long.

Minimium of 5 people needed to host a party.

Each guest needs to bring their favorite knife, apron, and a small cardboard box to carry their product home.

Each guest will leave with at least 4 jars of product and a good handle on canning methods so they will feel comfortable canning on their own. 


Each month brings different treasures-

June- Berry Delicious: Mulberry Preserves, Wineberry Jam

July- In a Jam or a Pickle: Blueberry Jam and vinegar. Cucumbers- Garlic Dill, Bread and Butter

August- Tomatoes- Tomato Jam, Roasted Tomato Sauce, Paste, Ketchup, Sultry Girl BBQ sauce. Peaches- Pele's Kiss (habanero and peach jam) Tipsy Ginger Peach Jam. Artichokes- Stimey Chokes. Ground Cherry- Tropical Jam. Zucchini Pickles

September- Hot Harvest- Bite My Sweet Ass Peach Salsa, Tomato Salsa, Hot Sauce. Peppers- Roasted red peppers, Chipotle Powder, Thai One On (hot pepper vinegar), 

October- Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Apple Butter, Apple Sauce, Apple Cider Vinegar, apple chutney.

November- Squash Soup, Herbed Salts, and oils. 


Pick two items that are available during the month you would like to host a party and let's have fun!

Party costs are $65 per person with a 5 person minimium.

To book your party contact me today at


*Special sample size jars will be ordered and color customized with labels if you are organizing this for a group party such as a wedding or baby shower.

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